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We have identified five main problems that most computer companies do not address when selling you a computer. Those problems are described below and we have added solutions to those problems.

Problem 1 : The Hardware
The first problem is the hardware (or the actual computer). When you visit a web site like Dell or Gateway you basically are getting to choose from standard pre built computers. The same goes with retailerís such as Wal-Mart. From there some retailerís might allow you to upgrade some of the components. For instance, the purpose of the computer that you need is to run 4 or 5 programs. Out of those programs 3 of them requires minimal hardware power and you only need Dellís cheapest computer, but 1 of the programs requires you to have a powerful component such as a fast hard drive (the part that holds memory) at an extra cost. Here in lies the problem. First Dell wonít tell you what components need to be upgraded and if you know this information they will not offer that particular component unless you buy the 2nd fastest model that costs much more. Then you can upgrade the hard drive, but it costs extra. The result is you are buying more than you need to run that 1 program or you compromise the program and do not upgrade. As said before you are clearly working around the computer. Little do people know that the technology has grown to the point this does not need to be done and you can get the hardware any way you want it. Now you can see the problem.

Solution 1 : The Hardware
The solution to the problem is very simple... custom build your computer! We will start out by determining what your needs and uses are for the computer. Then only the hardware needed will be purchased and put together for you. We also will fill out any manufacturer registration forms for you and mail them. Our pricing is lower than most of our competitors. The end result is that your computer is totally customized to you and at a significant savings.

Problem 2: The Operating System
The first software issue is the operating system. The operating system is the primary software for any computer. The operating system essentially tells the hardware how to work. It also sets the rules for other software in the way it can work. As we all know the most popular is Microsoft Windows and there are many versions of Windows. For instance when you go to Gatewayís website and choose a computer it tells you that it comes with Windows 7 Home Edition or you can get Windows 7 Professional for an added cost. One of the problems though is do they tell you the difference? (The answer is no!) So do you know what you need? Probably not. Does Gateway or Dell inform you that there is a free operating system called Linux that is very much like Windows and is absolutely free! This could reduce your cost significantly, however Gateway and Dell typically do not offer you this operating system because they have contractual obligations with Microsoft and it helps to reduce their overall costs. Again you are the one working around the computer and itís maker.

Solution 2: The Operating System
The solution is very easy, determine what your present and future needs are and explain the best operating system for you. Also the operating system will be customized to you. This includes the security settings for you and anyone who uses your computer. All of the registration will be done in your name and customized to you.

Problem 3: Security Software
The third problem is the security software. We all have heard of the viruses, spam, spyware, hackers, etc... Have you ever wondered why companyís offer this software and people still have problems all over the world? One problem is the computer manufactures will tell you what they offer and the type of security software but do not explain why you need it. The second problem is that if you do purchase the security software it will be installed but will not be configured (or properly set) the way the software was designed. If the software is not configured in many cases it can be rendered useless and you are completely vulnerable to viruses, spam, spy ware and hackers.

Solution 3: Security Software
Again an easy solution, we set all of the needed security software according to you. Also the security software will be automated. This means all scans and updates will be done by the computer while you are sleeping peacefully at night. Any problems encountered the computer is going to fix itself. No more running to the computer when the "T.V. News" says there is a virus outbreak and you need to update your computer. The computer has already completed the task the night before.

Problem 4: Third Party Software
The fourth problem is the general third party programs. Basically what are your needs? Do you want to pay bills and track your finances? Do you want to play games? Do want to burn DVDís? Do you want to use an Apple IPOD? Do you want to burn music CDís? Do you want to edit pictureís? The question is what is the best software for you. What back-up programs will be in place if there is a failure? I assure Wal-Mart, Dell, Gateway and other companies donít know the answers or wonít give the answers to you.

Solution 4: Third Party Software
The solution is to find out what you want to do. As mentioned before this somewhat ties in to the hardware. If you put in a program without the correct hardware it become extremely slow. Once it is determined what you want to do then weíll help you select the right software for you at the best price and completely configured to you. All of the registration processes will done for you with your information.

Problem 5: Back Ups
The final problem is back-ups. Basically no one really offers comprehensive back up operations. Why is this a need for your computer? Answer, if you are infected with a virus or have a hardware problem this can be extremely expensive and very time consuming. Company's like Dell will not offer comprehensive back-ups because it is extremely expensive for them and you are not worth the investment!

Solution 5: Back Ups
The solution is you are worth the investment! We cannot stress this enough!!!! A complete and comprehensive back up system will be created for you and those back ups will be put on CDís and floppy disks for you. Example, if you are infected with a virus and so is your neighbor your computer will be back in full operation before the $100 an hour tech even shows up at your neighbors house.

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